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Located in a natural rocky inlet,   Manarola is one of the most   picturesque villages of Cinque Terre.
The tall multicoloured houses spread upwards alongside the Groppo channel (which crosses the village) and form a vertical mosaic of colours overlooking the sea.

Founded by the dwellers of the Volastra settlement, Manarola has Roman origins, still visible in the Church of San Lorenzo and in the Oratory, which can be visited in the square located in the upper part of the village. Special attention should be paid to the rose window, embellished by twelve small columns with leafed capitals and an external corona with human and leonine heads.

Walking along the panoramic street it is possible to visit two fascinating spots: the Castello square and the "arpaio" where houses jut over the sea.

Il Patio guesthouse gives onto one of the typical narrow streets leading to the sea. From the patio it is possible to enjoy a wonderful view of the seaside and of the upper part of the village with the church surrounded by vineyards.


In December, do not miss the bright nativity scene (8/12-20/1) covering most of the hill facing the village, whereas in August the village celebrates the holiday of San Lorenzo with a procession.

Since 2001, Manarola has been included in the 100 Borghi piu belli d'Italia list (the 100 most beautiful villages in Italy).

From Manarola it is possible to take walk on the Via dell'Amore (Lovers' lane) the famous path carved into the rock which goes to Riomaggiore.
If you choose to the take a walk on this path early in the morning or at the sunset you will be able to enjoy the view in peace and quiet.

In the opposite direction, the Blue Path ( Sentiero Azzurro ) goes to Monterosso, crossing many-coloured landscapes, from terracings to vineyards, from olive groves to rocky areas high up above the sea with centuries-old steps which follow the contours of the mountains.

Walking up towards the hill, you can climb the stairs leading to Volastra , a small village with concentric streets, surrounded by vineyards. From here you can reach every other pathway along the upper part of coast, such as the Path of Sanctuaries ( for further information vai al sito del Parco Nazionale delle 5 terre )

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